Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why I Scrapbook- WHEN

When do I scrapbook?

I have found it really difficult to have a lot of work-life balance lately so I try really hard to protect some crafty time each weekend.

I also love to scrap while Ry is watching sports. I love sports, but he could watch something competitive 24/7 and in order to spend our time together I do something I love while he does something he wants to do.

I find myself sketching ideas and layouts when I’m in meetings and thinking of journaling while I’m driving down the road for work. I guess you could say that I’m scrapping all the time!


  1. I'm looking for that place where we can both do our hobbies at the same time! He'll be on the computer sometimes, but it gets annoying - for him - because I kick him off while I print a photo, or print journaling, or need to look up something . . . haha

  2. so cute the picture !! It's a great idea to scrap when you hubby is doing something he likes and both of you being together (in the same room) that's my problem because I spend the WEs at my bf, but he likes watching a lot of sport (football, rugby) and I get bored... I wish we could live together! Like that I would spend time with him + do what I love !!!


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