Thursday, November 1, 2012

Project Millie’s Life: Week Three

Week three of Millie’s life held more visits from family members, a very rainy Monday (dressed in ducks to celebrate), trying out baby wearing, ventures into the community for food, shopping, and choir practice, and lots of snuggles. 

We had so much fun handing out candy last night. It was truly a 3 person job during some points of the night. Our new neighborhood is a destination neighborhood for trick or treating. I loved seeing all of the great costumes and interacting with the polite children.

I tried to wear my little pumpkin in order to have free hands for passing out candy. This set up only lasted about 15 minutes:

Be back tomorrow with week four!!! 


  1. she is to cute always alert for the candi shots... she going to love all the scrapbook in years to come.. all the red shoe are to die them

  2. She is so sweet in that pumpkin hat! Awww!

  3. super cute !! I love having a look at your PL !


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