Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Layout: Hooray Tap!

I love dance. I have loved dance since I was 9. I minored in dance in college and continue to teach dance. I am hoping to take an adult ballet class soon and reignite my passion for expressive movement and regain my creative outlet. I look forward to dancing with my daughter and cannot wait until we can take a Mommy and Me class together. She loves to dance already and knows how to pliè and bourrè turn already. 

This layout is about tap. I was a late bloomer in tap. I had to quit a dance class in 5th grade because my math grade was poor and I lied to my mother about my math homework. I chose to quit tap instead of jazz. It wasn't until my senior year in high school that I decided I wanted to tap again. I auditioned for company and was placed in the Junior Precisionettes but was able to attend the Senior Precisionettes class as well. I did not compete with either class, but fulfilled my dream of dancing the opening and closing routines of the recital with my Senior Precisionette classmates. 

I took a tap class in college. For fun. 
And an adult class after college. And danced in a recital again. So fun! 
My heart is full of dance. 

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