Sunday, August 7, 2011

Explore: Creating with Color and Adventure

I am still loving the prompts of this class and they have opened my eyes to new ways of scrapbooking, documenting, and thinking about life as an adventure.

I have started several new adventures lately. One of the more challenging is my job. I love working with youth and their families and find it challenging and rewarding. Part of counseling is being creative and seeing different ways to address challenges. One of my youth lives for nature, fishing, and wading in the creek. I find being by by creeks, rivers, and waterfalls relaxing and refreshing. As a reward for when the youth participates, I reward them with time by the creek. Even when nothing is said, I feel that it is a therapeutic time for them as well as for me. I am able to relax and be fully present while I prepare to close one session and move onto another. It is very grounding for me.

It was fun to create this layout using new techniques and ways of thinking. I picked the color combination based on the pictures, then built the embellishments, layered the main part of the layout, added the title, then picked the background paper. I usually build from the background up, but this was very freeing and resulted in a shift in my style. I will surely try this again!

What grounds you? What can you do to relax and renew your spirit?


  1. Very pretty layout. Looks like a beatiful and relaxing spot.

  2. Coffee grounds me! (oh, unintentional and bad pun! LOL!) With a good cup of joe, I can tackle the universe. Love the layout! It is gorgeous! The colors are perfect! Thanks for sharing- Amanda

  3. Beautiful layout. How wonderful to reward with a visit to such a calming place. What calms my heart and soul? I love the mountains. One particular mountain I climb out to an overhang edge, dangle my feet above the birds, and drink in the beauty of God's creation. I don't recommend the dangle part.

  4. Great to work backward isn't it? I never would have thought to except for the class. Great background paper. Really enhances your photos.

  5. Sounds like a great class! Your layout is lovely!

  6. Your page is awesome!!
    thank you for your inspiration!

  7. Beautiful page. And the place looks very relaxing.


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