Sunday, April 7, 2013

Card: Have A Fabulous Day

I am generally not a card maker, and I feel extremely guilty every time I go out to buy a card for a birthday, wedding, or new baby. I have the stamps. I have the pretty paper. And I have the envelopes.
My goal this year is to start making cards more often and then keep them organized so they are easy to find when events arise.
Also, I am going to take advice from a friend and before cleaning my scrap area, challenge myself to make as many cards as possible out of what is left out.
I was able to make one card the other night before Millie woke up and needed me to get her back to sleep. Success!


  1. You do good with cards! Can't wait to see more. ;-)

  2. Really nice card! I dunno who is that wise friend, but for sure continue, because it is beautiful!!!

  3. So cute! Love how you added the bag :)

  4. Very pretty card. I love the way you added the bag.

  5. Cute card! I really like the addition of the sac and the washi tape!

  6. I LOVE your card, can not wait to see more, WOW!


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