Monday, April 22, 2013

Layout: You Are So Beautiful

When I saw the banner cut out sheet by Theresa Collins in the 8 Days a Week Scraptastic Kit,  I knew I had to create a banner for this layout. I picked out all of the pink and grey shades and laid them on a scrap of pleated ribbon I found in the craft room (strown about to distract the cat, I'm sure!).
I created the first paint drops with acrylic paint by accident, as I was Playing around trying to come up with an alternative to spray ink. While I was playing, a certain unhelpful cat made her way onto my craft table causing my experiment to become permanent. Luckily I liked the look and it went perfectly with the color scheme.

Tell me about a time when you had an accidentally awesome mistake!

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  1. This is so, so pretty! Love your work with the banners!

  2. The layout is as beautiful as the photo, simply gorgeous!!

  3. Your drops of paint look great! Normally when I make a painty mistake I don't like it, but I add layers to cover it up, and then I like the extra layers, so it works out well in the end! Love your colour scheme. x

  4. Oh I love the subtleness of this page. So many details but yet gorgeous and has an impact with the negative space. Well done!


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