Thursday, July 31, 2014

Layout: Happy Halloween (Throwback Thursday!)

Yes, it took me until December to complete my Halloween layouts, until April to blog them, and until July to hit publish. Don’t judge!  
 For Halloween, Millie had two costumes. One was an awesome fish costume bought on clearance by my in laws when she was a newborn. It was too cute! And one was this handmade TARDIS sweatshirt a la me. I pulled out the old standby Cat in the Hat onesie. But I didn't have the hat. So I grabbed a top hat and drew on a nose and whiskers and called it good enough. 
We had around 350 trick or treaters. We are planning on doing it up big this Halloween - music, lights, maybe some games...any ideas?!? 

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  1. That is an insane amount of trick or treaters. We had zero. Lol. I love this Throwback theme. :)


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