Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Explore: The Beginning

For the next four weeks I am joining Shimelle and many others for a scrapbooking, journaling, and blogging adventure. I started Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas last year and nearly finished when I was stopped in my tracks by a family situation. Scrapbooking was the last thing on my mind and I never finished the album, I will though, when I can sit with pen and paper and finally rewrite the journaling I scratched down last Christmas.

I'm excited about this class and the limitless possibilities of the direction the album can take. Some of my journaling will be both in the album and on my blog and some will just be in one of the two places. I'm not going to bind the album until it is complete so I will be updating with single pages until the final prompt is completed.

This is the journaling I wrote in response to the first prompt:
Note to self:
Take time to explore the world around you. Dig deeper into your soul. Do the work that is hard to do. Embrace all of the new adventures you have begun. Relish in the freedom to create a new future with the man you love. Allow yourself room to grow. Give yourself permission to like Tennessee. Find reasons to stay here rather than run away to somewhere comfortable. Everyday remember why you committed yourself to Ryan and made a giant leap into a life together. Relax and make room for change.

The first photo prompt was a self portrait in the mirror:

That is me after running intervals on the treadmill and before the session with my trainer. I look slightly happy, I enjoyed my run/walk/run/walk. I did not look so happy after training.


  1. I love your note to yourself - such great words and optimism. A great start to the class!

  2. Great start to explore, love your words...

  3. Love the pic - great idea. Also kind of eerie that I had never heard 'Simple Love' before - but downloaded it last Friday from i-tunes and now you've quoted it. Enjoy the class!

  4. Love your note to yourself. great job on the phoyo

  5. Fab journalling and photo - great take on the class.

  6. I've been doing intervals too! Have to say I don't look that good after it though! I love that you've taken a shot like this, it shows hope and positive change and energy.

  7. Your note to yourself was amazing. "Find reasons to stay here rather than run away to somewhere comfortable." - that really stood out to me.

  8. Well done Rachel - you have made a wonderful start to class.


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