Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week In The Life: Thursday Tweets and Photos

Thursday, Thursday. Kind of like a Monday when you have been away Monday-Wednesday.

Work meeting. #weekinthelife

What should be for lunch?#weekinthelife
Eyetalian BMT w/ letus, toemaytoe, pickled cucumbers, nanner peppers and ranch dressin #ryanssubwayorder. #weekinthelife
The building says "we're all gonna die". Saw it on my ride home at lunch.

So ready for a trainer workout! #weekinthelife

Listening to @nerdist podcast keeps me sane(ish) at work.

Ate a bunch of chocolate today at work. I will pay for that tonight. #weekinthelife

It is difficult to get a shot while on the treadmill.

Salads and #SYTYCD after a good workout. #weekinthelife

I will do better tomorrow. I spent a lot of time in meetings and working on things that I can't take pictures of, so tomorrow I will take more pictures and tweet when I'm not driving!

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