Sunday, July 24, 2011

Explore: Get Creating*

It has been a fun week of scrapping and exploration with Shimelle's Explore class. I feel that I have scratched the surface of some of the prompts and gone deeper into the others. I love the flexibility and inspiration this project provides.

Friday's prompt was to create something outside of the playbook. It wasn't until yesterday that I had the right material to scrap about. (Yes I have a ton of pictures yet to be documented, but nothing jumped out at me this week)

Yesterday, Ryan and I went to the speedway about 30 miles from our home and redeemed our wedding gift to each other. Driving lessons in a stock car. I have never been one to like speed or even being in a fast moving vehicle. We sat through a class and learned about the line to drive on the track and important things to know about the car and how to drive a race car. I was fine until they talked about crashing and the talented, experienced drivers who have wrecked at this speedway.

Bristol Motor Speedway

When it came time to ride along, I somehow ended up in the front of the line. I didn't have time to panic. Then I was strapped into the neck stabilizing device and helmet and sent to the track to get in a car. I started to have a panic attack. I couldn't breathe or form coherent sentences. I somehow relayed to the kind man whose job it was to stuff me into the car that I was highly anxious and couldn't breathe. He was very soothing and tried to make jokes as he helped me climb through the window of the car. The driver strolled over and the gentleman helping me into the car informed the driver that I was nervous and uncomfortable. The two of them talked to me while they hooked the 5-point harness system and offered to loosen my fire suit around the neck in order to make me feel less anxious. The driver assured me that he had never had a wreck with a patron in the car and that we would be fine.

The first lap went by and I decided I should open my eyes if I wanted to see how to drive this thing. With some deep breathing and positive thinking, I made it through the 5 laps with the driver. He gave me a thumbs up about half-way through and I gave him one back.

When it was my turn to drive I was less nervous. What does this confirm for me? I panic when I'm not in control. This is not a new thing. Things I have learned that send me into a panic attack- flying, deep sea fishing, heavy traffic, being in places where there are a lot of people and too much noise, and being in a speeding car driving in an oval.

Willingly climbing into a racecar

Thumbs up!

Supplies: Bazzill Cardstock, Crate Paper- stickers, paper, brads, Maya Mist, Sharpie Pen, American Crafts Thickers.
Sketch by Shimelle

When was your latest adventure? What did it consist of?


  1. Wow! You go girl! Looks like fun! Although driving 200 mph in a circle would probably send me over the edge. lol! Love your layout!

  2. I really like your 'race day' LO.... and what a fantastic memory!
    Mandy McK (Moogieof4)

  3. LOVE the way that layout has come out! The grid is brilliant and the story is very apt too, great stuff.

  4. I adore your page!

    It looks like you guys had so much fun, I think I would have been scared not driving too;)

    Really loving all of your creations in the posts below are rocking the nook kits;)

  5. A true adventure you had! What a fun experience. Love the page with all the fun circles.


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