Friday, July 15, 2011

Five on Friday: Week In Review

1. Big plans, Little progress
Last weekend I had high aspirations of getting all the way unpacked and settled into our town home. We're almost there, but we hit a little road bump last Friday. MOLD Apparently sometime in the past two weeks a rainstorm came and washed into our basement/first floor hybrid place. So that derailed us completely. We cleaned all the visible mold and bought a fan, some Damp Rid, and an air purifier. The cause of the problem was poor drainage which has now been fixed.

2. Furniture Assembly Partnership
I loved building this piece of furniture with Ryan. I watched (and mocked) the assembly process from the kitchen that I was organizing until he had to have two additional hands. I had a friend on hand for additional mocking of the husband as needed!

3. New Furniture
It's amazing how much one piece of furniture can change the feel of the room. I love it because of the place to decorate and the additional storage space it gives us. Ryan loves it because it will get my scrappy supplies out of sight!

4. Tough Workouts
Shaking. Pain. Sore muscles. I kinda got in trouble with my trainer last night (see #5) and paid through a super tough workout. I think the workouts she has put me through recently have been some of the toughest workouts I have ever had. It is worth it! I'm seeing changes in my body and feeling the difference when I run. I have homework for the weekend and cannot cheat with food. I'm on the naughty list!

5. Baking
I am really starting to love cooking and baking (which is counter productive to #4). I love trying new things and cooking for other people. I will share this recipe another day, it was delicious!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the mold, but glad that you are getting moved in! I Love new furniture, and yours looks FAB! Have fun filling it! Definately looks like a yummy will have to share the recipe...even if eating it puts you on the trainer naughty list! LOL!


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