Friday, July 22, 2011

Explore: Maps and Perfection

Prompt 3 asked us to include a map in our play book. I picked up a few free maps and brochures as I left the gym on Wednesday night. I settled on the map of the area highlighting must-see nature spots and outdoor sports in the area. I love hunting waterfalls, wading in creeks, and rock jumping. I have set a new goal to use that brochure (or a duplicate copy that I haven't destroyed for a scrapbook) as a guide for my upcoming East TN Bucket LIst.

I loved the colors of the map so I just halved it and pasted it straight to the cardstock of my playbook. I have yet to work on the map themed embellishments, but I have the supplies ready for when I have some more time to craft.

What is perfection?
I have struggled with the idea of being perfect for a long time. Striving for the perfect body, the perfect grades, striving to be the perfect person in all of my roles. Over time I have softened to the notion that imperfections and difficulties are what make this life more precious.

The idea of a perfect body type has shifted from one of thinness to one of overall health. I will never have the perfect dancer's body. I wish I could have told that to adolescent me. I doubt she would have listened. I will, however, find a place in life where I'm learning to love a sport that tortured me from middle school through college.

I will never be the perfect daughter, sister, friend, spouse, or employee. However, I will strive to be authentic- honest and consistent with my words and actions to represent my true self in all aspects of my life.

Perfection is no longer about being afraid to make a mistake. Fear has immobilized me for far too long in this life. Perfection is about living life, mistakes and all, and learning how to be a better human being throughout the process. Perfection is an end result of how mistakes are dealt with and the growth that can come out of difficult times. Perfection is a life well lived, full of adventures, authenticity, and love.

The journaling behind the photo reads:
This photo isn't perfect and I don't think our love is either. I do think that we are a perfect pair. We compliment each other really well and build on each others strengths. This picture shows the sheer joy we felt on our wedding day.

And now...

Playing catch-up with photos:

This is the postcard I sent myself:

This was the journaling I wrote on the back of the card:


  1. Rachel, i love the photo you chose for perfection - very sweet

  2. A perfect day will always produce a perfect photo :)

  3. Wow thank you for sharing such personal projects! You have definitely inspired me!

  4. Love your book so far. I also love the wedding photo. I just got married myself and love seeing other peoples wedding photos. =)

  5. I've looked at all of your projects for the Explore class and think they are great.

  6. Looks like such a fun class! Appreciated your words on perfection.


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