Monday, July 25, 2011

Explore: Observation

Today's prompt came bright and early, which is a good thing since I left bright and early for an out of town training for work.

Where I Sleep
It was hard to leave my bed this morning, it was still dark and my pillows were so comfortable! Yes, that is a teddy bear. It had been sitting on my nightstand since Ry moved in, but last week I decided I wanted to snuggle something while I slept. Exhibit A why Ry should give in and let me get a kitten!

Where I Sit
I drive a lot for work. I sit in my car and drive all over East TN. I love my job most days, but the drive is sometimes too much. I use the time to record my notes, make phone calls, and listen to NPR or various podcasts. Something that I admitted in my journaling (I'll post my playbook tomorrow) is that I don't like spending that much time by myself. I love having time to myself, but not when I'm driving- so I let people talk to me while I drive. I can't stand to listen to music anymore while I drive.

Where I Stand
This is where I stand. I value the time I stand in the kitchen preparing healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) meals for Ry and myself. I love cooking and trying new things and Ry loves to eat. I also stand to eat because we just acquired kitchen seating on Saturday. Ry is assembling furniture while I'm away this week. We both look forward to having seating at our bar between the kitchen and living room.

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