Friday, July 1, 2011

Five on Friday: My New Town

There have been so many new things happening in my life. At first, I was very resistant to the idea of moving to Tennessee. (I know, I know, Resistance is Futile. I'm well aware.) I started thinking about new possibilities and the chance that Ry and I would have to grow together as a couple by living in a new (to me) place away from family and friends. We are still close enough to family and we have already had a couple of friends over for day visits which makes it feel more like home.

I am starting to really like my new home and the neat things there are to explore and discover around the area. Here are the top 5 reasons I'm loving Northeast Tennessee right now.

Minor League Baseball You cannot swing a bat around here without hitting a minor league baseball team. We have several teams within a short car ride of our home. One ball park is just minutes from our house. Cheap and fun entertainment- what more could sports loving newlyweds ask for?

Lack of traffic, ease of getting around I am a small town girl. I don't like traffic or interstates. I like curvy roads with as little traffic as possible. This is the most populated place I've lived where I have had to drive day in and day out. My commute to work is not that far and I have had a fairly easy time finding my way around. When I have trouble I just call Ry and he talks me through how to find my destination. Some days I make a game out of taking a different route from work just to see if I can find my way home.

Mountains I'm a mountain gal. I love them. I love driving windy roads and find mountain views peaceful and relaxing.

Shopping Options I LOVE that I have so many different options for shopping. I am by no means a shopper, but I am so used to the only store around being a Wal-Mart, that I love being able to go to Michael's or Old Navy or AN ACTUAL MALL to pick up new items as opposed to the local Wally World. I have fallen in love with Earth Fare and their $5.00 meal box. I also love that the Farmer's Market is just minutes from our house.

Our Gym Is it crazy that I'm in love with our gym? I love the staff, the equipment is nice, and there is an outdoor pool for lounging. Yes please.

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  1. Ooo sounds like lots of lovely the mountains and a gym with a pool sounds great :) Glad you are settling in.


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