Friday, July 8, 2011

Five On Friday: Embracing Wellness

I'm on a new journey. It is not one of weight loss (although that would be a nice benefit) but rather one of overall wellness and a more healthy lifestyle. Ryan has joined me on this journey which is very helpful and inspiring. These are the five things that I have figured out that are helping me the most right now.

1. Control Your Environment
We are trying to be more mindful of the things we bring into the home. Increased organic foods as well as less tempting snacks and goodies. Last week I bought single serving low-fat ice cream tubs. Is it more expensive? Yes. Is it easier to stop at just one serving? Totally. I'm lazy so if I have a craving and it's not in the house, I'm not going out to get it. I'm going to make a better choice or just not snack at all. Yay me!

2. Have REAL Goals
Yes I want to lose weight, but I also want to run another 5k and NOT come in last this time. I think it is an attainable goal. Run a 5k. In under 45 minutes. Don't come in last. I think I can! I think I can! I also have another very important reason to strive for a healthier life- my wonderful husband. I like spending time with him and one of my favorite things to do is make time for gym time together and prepare him healthy meals. Finally, we would like to have a family someday and I want to be a healthy mom and role model. That is my biggest motivation right now.

3. Plan Your Meals
I find it so much simpler to have a game plan for the week and stick to it. We build in splurges like the $5.00 meal box at Earth Fare (1/2 a wrap or sandwich and TWO sides- LOVE!) and low-fat ice cream so we don't have as much temptation to treat.

4. Have a Buddy
Having someone to workout with or talk about healthy choices is essential for me. I have downloaded a ridiculous amount of health/fitness iPhone apps (My Fitness Pal, Daily Mile, Lose It, get the picture!) in search of one that will keep me connected to others and motivated. I find that even if I'm not at the gym with someone, being accountable for my workouts and my calorie intake really helps me keep things in check.

5. Get Help
Last year I had a personal trainer through ASU- she was really affordable because she was still a student and I got the student rate on top of that. I signed up for a personal trainer because I wanted to learn how to run. What's that you say? Running is easy? Well, not for me. Not only do I have exercise and allergy induced asthma (undiagnosed until I was 20), and an arthritic big toe on my left foot (diagnosed at 21); I also have a major mental block. My trainer last year was great to push me and teach me proper technique, but didn't help encourage a sense of overall wellness. I recently started working with a new trainer and SHE. IS. AWESOME. This girl pushes me to my limits and keeps me inspired while doing so.

What are you doing to improve your life right now?

I'm thinking about taking some (mostly) before pics- what say the masses? (Ha! Like there are masses of people reading this!)


  1. Great new blog look! I have also been more mindful of what I'm eating. The farmer's market is my friend. I'm totally with you on finishing a 5k before 45 minutes too!

  2. Good luck to you on your new wellness goal. I keep saying I'm going to, but...

  3. When I read your Explore page I felt I had to search further and sure enough you mentioned C25K. I'm doing that too but I suffer with hips problems so I am repeating the weeks a few times before moving on. I got new trainers too after having my gait checked which was a revelation. Good luck with the journey and see you in class!

  4. Too funny! I just had to tell you that the Word Verification for my last comment was "ingest"!!


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